Our Approach

At Trophy Point, our relationship with  you comes first.  We approach every project with a dedication to providing accurate, timely, and thorough services.  We are committed to:

  • Understanding the greater purpose of your projects:  How are we helping you to affect change?  We take pride in our ability to influence projects that have a lasting impact on the skyline of the cities we operate in and the people who use them.
  • Minimizing potential opportunity costs:  We are committed to enabling you to focus on your passion and area of expertise.  In leveraging Trophy Point as a partner on a project, you can spend your time focused on the items you are passionate about while we address the details of the services we provide.
  • The art and science of our profession:  The experience and background of our employees ensure that special considerations are accounted for when providing services.  Our quantity takeoff tools and methodologies are aligned with our pricing database and a strong understanding of market forces.
  • Providing you with direct access to our estimators:  In order to minimize the amount of time required to provide clarification or get answers from our team, Trophy Point provides direct access for our clients to our estimators. 
  • Collaborating with you:  We balance our desire to seek additional detail with a respect for our customers' time.  We have several different means by which to secure the information we need for an estimate in the least burdensome manner to our customers.  Our approach to securing feedback and information from our customers enables us to provide credible and confident estimates in a responsive manner. 
  • Providing you with accurate information:  We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and the quality of our work.  With a proven and refined methodology and years of experience in applying it, we are able to offer unmatched levels of thoroughness and accuracy for the services we provide.
  • Presenting easy-to-read and easy-to-understand reports:  Our client-deliverable reports are known throughout the industry for their content and format.  The dynamic and linked nature of Trophy Points' estimates enables our clients to understand the impact of their design decisions on the cost of a project.