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New York, NY Construction Cost EstimatorTrophy Point are independent, third party consultants who provide budgeting and forecasting assistance through quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, including architectural and engineering firms, construction managers, general contractors, government agencies, school districts, colleges and private owners. Our primary objective is to offer a wealth of development experience that can't be found anywhere else. It is what has set us apart from other consultants in the New York, NY area for years. Trophy Point has been "boots on the ground" for 7,000 different jobs, with projects range from $100,000 to over $500 million. Are you ready to join our proud clientele? Just call us at 716-831-0000 to start the process of estimating your construction project today.

Construction Cost Consulting Services

When it comes to job estimations, every inch and every dollar should be considered. If the consultant agency is not doing that for you, you could be missing out on opportunities to save money or upgrade your operations. We will take into account the cost of project type, scope, and region, to give you unparalleled outcomes. Additionally, we offer Constructability Reviews and Quality Assurance, or Quality Control services, which can be packaged with our Construction Cost Estimating services.

About Our Construction Cost Estimating 

New York City, NY Construction Cost ConsultantsWith our pre-construction services, we can help you establish a realistic budget and even manage costs throughout the design process. Our services are meant to take each client's project from the drawing board to completion without any hiccups about cost of the materials, labor, and potential downtime. Our clear reports are easy to read and individually prepared on a project-by-project basis-never boiler-plated, like some other construction cost consulting agencies.

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We work with owners and teams on some of the most ambitious projects they've ever taken on. To them, it's both thrilling and scary, and that's why we're alongside them to help make informed decisions along the way, that hopefully end up saving them money, time, and heartache. Our natural and confident demeanor is what keeps major firms, government agencies and private owners returning to our services project, after project.

The completeness of documents and feasibility of design features is something that our team is proud to specialize in. When you need a construction cost estimator for your next big project in the New York City area, call 716-831-0000 to reach Trophy Point. We can't wait to see your project come to fruition, at a cost that makes sense.