Benefits of Our Approach

Beyond the 40 years of experience behind each project, there are multiple benefits in working with Baer & Associates.  These include:

  • Having accurate information to make effective decisions that enable you to achieve your vision
  • Avoiding "moving target" budgets that change as the project matures due to inaccuracies during Concept Phase estimating
  • Alignment of scope and budget
  • Maximization of one's tradespace in a manner that results in more choices and solutions available to solving your problems
  • Quality assurance / quality control of documents through pre-design and construction
  • A credible partner with a proven track record of providing accurate estimates
  • A partner who is not constrained by borders.  Our proven estimating approach and methodology enables us to operate anywhere domestically and in a wide-range of international markets.
  • A partner whose staff "Has Been There."  Our team consists of former Project Managers, Architects, PEs, and Subcontractors with years of experience in the field.
  • An enjoyable experience with a firm that is relationship-focused