What we can do for you:

Trophy Point are the expert Construction Cost Consultants.  With a core competency in Cost Estimating, we have been able to evolve our service offerings into a variety of different fields where an understanding of cost is critical.  We are an organization that prides ourselves on providing a credible end-product that our customers can use to make decisions.  The diversity of experience amongst our employee base serves as a differentiator for us and enables Trophy Point to tackle the most complex projects.

With Trophy Point, our clients can expect:    

  • Effective, Marketable Partnerships - our experience and credibility on multiple projects across different markets coupled wtih our long-term relationships with key governmental personnel and agencies is often a selling point in promoting team qualifications.
  • Credibility - our proven track record establishing budgets and providing accurate bid-day projections provide owners and designers peace-of-mind. Our estimates and reports have been accepted by key decision makers as the most reliable in the industry. We have a proven track record of accurate bid-day projections.
  • Team Collaboration - our methodology is based on open communication and flexible approaches to estimating and reporting. Trophy Point has a keen awareness of required scope and cost by project type. Based on experience we know the right questions to ask.
  • Objectivity - Our loyalty to our clients is paramount, but we realize that no project is properly served when estimating to a budget. Trophy Point is committed to providing objective and accurate quantitative reports and cost data.
  • Clear Reporting - Our reports are designed with the end users in mind and offer a clear narrative of project scope along with quantified costs. Our philosophy is that cost estimates and reports should be easily read and understood, regardless the reader's construction experience.
  • Time Proven Methodology - Our quantity take-off methods are tailored to each project and we work equally and effectively with printed documents measured by hand, digital documents measured on-screen, BIM models, site measurements when no drawings are available, and narratives when initial concepts are being developed. Pricing strategy is based on our proprietary database which is continuously refined, adjusted, and tailored specifically for geographical area, time and duration of construction, market trends, project delivery method and other nuances, on a per-project basis.