About Us:

For decades, Trophy Point has built a reputation as a leader in the Construction Services Industry.  After establishing itself as the largest independent source of construction cost estimates in Upstate New York, Trophy Point expanded its physical presence and established a large client base across the Northeast.  With a portfolio of over 7,000 successful domestic and international projects, Trophy Point is expanding its focus to become a National firm that is known for its accuracy, regardless of the region within which it operates.

At Trophy Point, we focus on long-term partnerships with our clients.  Their success is our success.  The synergies that are generated from our focus on building relationships with our customers are invaluable in terms of the benefits they provide to our ability to understand their design intent and way of thinking. 

The diversity of our employee base and our exposure to multiple different Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms over the past 40 years has enabled us to develop a unique experience profile that is unmatched in the industry.  Furthermore, our work with these firms and Owners has resulted in our expansion into several other services beyond Cost Estimating.

Our focus on responsible internal and external growth has resulted in an organization that has robust systems and processes to support the most complex projects.